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The wife contract and my daughters nanny raw

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RAW, RAUNCHY AND MIDDLE-AGED; Rolling Stone Keith Richards at 45

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The year-old rock star is interred in the back seat of a limousine, and New York City's rush hour is advancing his reputation for excessive lateness. The triumph under discussion is not another Rolling Stones record, but a doctor's appointment - ''My first in nine years,'' Richards exults - required by contract for all band members before commencing a tour. Even as he poses the question, Richards's face breaks into an expansive grin. It amuses, probably even delights him, especially at this point in his life, when most middle-aged rock stars are cliches.

Or dead. Richards has lurched toward both extremes, and bounced back. Today, with a critically acclaimed solo album and tour under his belt and a Rolling Stones album and tour coming up in late summer, he is very much relevant to the pop scene, and relentlessly alive.

If ''normal'' is stretching things, Richards can at least claim a certain consistency. Through it all, he has held on to his trademark attitude, a calculated blend of impertinence and bravado.

It's been a key ingredient in his success, but ultimately, as it assumed mythic dimensions, it placed his career - and his life - in danger. As a member of the Rolling Stones, masters of the hip, anti-social and sexually self-indulgent pose, Richards helped change the morals of a generation.

The Stones were the first rock 'n' roll band whose original members claimed to live out the message of their music. The claim was mostly fiction. True, Brian Jones died an untimely, drug-related death. But the rest of the group lived like landed gentry. Keith Richards lived on the edge. There were stretches in the mid's when the stories about his drug addiction and fondness for guns eclipsed the notoriety of the band.

Fistfights and generally belligerent behavior contributed to his destructive - and self-destructive - image. Then, in , his arrest for heroin possession nearly rent the Stones asunder.

Things got so bad that Richards's current manager, Jane Rose who worked for the Rolling Stones at the time , says she used to check the newspaper each morning to see if he was still alive. Against somewhat staggering odds, Keith Richards survived what he calls ''that period of moral ambivalence. He is no longer dependent on hard drugs, and he seems as inventive and productive as ever.

Still, there are times when he seems haunted by the past -especially now, when every performance is measured against his legend. Rock 'n' roll's quintessential ''bad boy'' now finds that his outlandish persona, carefully cultivated over the years, has become so closely identified with the music that neither age nor new-found wisdom can change it fundamentally. So Richards has had to be content with slight modifications. But I don't feel totally divorced from it.

I don't anguish about it. For me, the music is the important thing, and the image comes from the way I play it. With the Rolling Stones, his repertory of tough, gritty riffs made his reputation as perhaps the most important guitar player of his generation. Now, more than 25 years after the Rolling Stones's first hit record, Keith Richards has re-emerged, with a debut solo album, ''Talk Is Cheap,'' that was last year's sleeper success.

He followed that with a sold-out tour of 15 cities this past winter. Hailed as a hard-driving, compulsive, wilfully imperfect masterpiece of root rock music, the album appeared at a time of personal upheaval - in his approach toward popular music, in the evolution of the Rolling Stones and in Richards's attitude toward his personal myth.

The three strands are delicately intertwined. Binding them together is his longtime friend, collaborator and nemesis -Mick Jagger. He rolls his eyes, curls a scornful lip, then sighs in exasperation. The subject of Jagger who refused to be interviewed for this article is vexing and unavoidable.

We've been huddled in Richards's cavernous apartment in lower Manhattan, and within 10 minutes the name threatens to dominate the conversation. Mick Jagger is the hidden hand, the shadow force, in the Keith Richards story.

In any reference book on pop music, the names Jagger and Richards constitute a single entry. They are the Rolling Stones. For more than 25 years, the Glimmer Twins, as Jagger and Richards once billed themselves, fronted what was routinely called ''the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world'' with remarkable camaraderie. Their interaction on stage, as in their private lives, became unabashedly symbiotic. We loved to get together and kick things around, write all our songs.

But once we were split up I started going my way - which was the downhill road to Dopesville - and Mick ascended to Jetland. There is both sarcasm and resentment in the words. While Jagger ingratiated himself with international cafe society, Richards fell under the spell of actress Anita Pallenberg, who not only exulted in her addiction to heroin but also made a point of initiating friends. By his own admission, Richards became a devoted disciple.

I was devoting most of my time to scoring and taking dope. The task of running the day-to-day business of the Rolling Stones fell to Jagger. He took over completely. It was only when Richards overcame his drug dependency and sought to resume their collaboration that serious problems arose. She recalls an incident in when she pointed out a marquee to Richards in Tempe, Ariz. It read: ''Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. He visited regularly and went out of his way to make sure Keith got everything he needed to get well,'' she says.

In his mind, I'd given him up, and why should I think I could just waltz back in and pick up where I'd left off? He resented it. He'd gotten used to wielding the scepter.

And when I returned, I don't think either of us understood the ramifications of it. It didn't take them very long to figure it out.

From the outset, they were headed for a clash. Perhaps, but by , the Jagger-Richards feud threatened to tear the band apart. Tensions escalated further when Jagger announced his intention to record a solo album. Says Watts: ''That decision virtually folded up 20 years of a band. More than any of us, Keith's whole life was the Stones. He took it very hard. The discord intensified in , during the sessions for the Rolling Stones's last album, ''Dirty Work.

Finally, Jagger struck a crippling blow. Deciding not to follow the record with a tour - standard practice for any rock group - Jagger released another solo album and announced plans for his own tour. Adding insult to injury, he dismissed the Stones as ''a bunch of tired old men,'' calling them millstones around his neck.

That comment still enrages Richards. When recounting the incident, his eyes smolder with resentment and the sinews in his neck stretch taut. Richards was determined to preserve the Rolling Stones, a mission that would have been impossible had Jagger's solo career taken off. In the end, a Stones reunion was put on hold by Keith Richards himself. I'd be a very naughty little boy. Friends urged him to keep busy.

Rock 'n' Roll'' - in honor of his childhood idol Chuck Berry. Both projects proved to Richards and friends alike that he had taken long strides toward conquering his obsessional impulses. But it wasn't until late that the perennial co-star rid himself of yet another dependency - the umbilical link to Mick Jagger - by deciding to make a solo record.

It was a move that even his best friends feared might lead to disaster for the once ''troubled Stone. The success of the Traveling Wilburys including Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and the late Roy Orbison and reissues of classic Doors and Jimi Hendrix albums demonstrated to skeptics that, in a business dominated by one-week wonders, real talent does endure. Perhaps encouraged by this phenomenon, the Who and the Jefferson Airplane have announced plans to come out of retirement and tour.

But for other veterans, hastily staged comebacks led to sobering reappraisals. Mick Jagger's planned solo tour, however, prompted local rock promoters to gear up the heavy artillery. Jagger is a bona fide legend whose rare public appearances, with or without the Rolling Stones, guarantee the kind of audience that, among older rockers, only Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen can command.

Large arenas for the Jagger tour were booked well in advance in every major American city. When the album bombed, however, the tickets never went on sale. Understandably, Barsalona hesitated when, a few months later, he was asked to book a similar tour for Richards. And on top of everything else, the stories I'd heard about him were really quite hair-raising. So my initial question was: If Jagger couldn't cut it, how in the world could Keith?

He vividly recalls his earliest concerts, when he would shove his way through a phalanx of young vocalists in order to position himself at the front of the stage.

It was in a boys' choir - ''the worst hoods in my school'' - performing ''gigs'' at Westminster Abbey and Royal Festival Hall. He didn't play it; he just used it to entice me, knowing sooner or later I'd muster the courage to ask for it. The young Richards eventually mastered the dexterous, archetypal guitar licks that were the trademark of the American rock innovator Chuck Berry. The music started sounding hotter, more dangerous. He'd pushed out the same feeling I'd given it, without ever losing touch with that adolescent soul.

What Richards brought was a new attitude. He tapped into his own punky arrogance and articulated it with his guitar, much the way Mick Jagger did with his snarling vocals. The style is unornamental, direct, terse, stripped down to the bare essentials, yet suited to the music's eroticism and menace. It is an aggressive phrasing, the perfect expression of Richards's personal myth.

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The year-old rock star is interred in the back seat of a limousine, and New York City's rush hour is advancing his reputation for excessive lateness. The triumph under discussion is not another Rolling Stones record, but a doctor's appointment - ''My first in nine years,'' Richards exults - required by contract for all band members before commencing a tour. Even as he poses the question, Richards's face breaks into an expansive grin. It amuses, probably even delights him, especially at this point in his life, when most middle-aged rock stars are cliches. Or dead.

The wife contract and my daughter’s nanny

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Zhang Xiao finds herself in an unexpected development as she becomes the babysitter of the daughter of an important CEO. This is one of my fav donghua. The plot is also decent, no drugging or violent male lead, so far so good. There are many many Chinese novels about the CEO out there and many are adapted into manhua then donghua.






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