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How to meet agents in los angeles

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Everyone, now successful, has a different story of how they got their first agent with their first pitch…. Surely there is one for you. If a writer you want a literary agent. If a producer or director you want a packaging agent. Packaging Agents are part of large agencies, like the 6 above, who, within their agency represented Actors, Writers, Directors, Cinematographers, Production designers, Editors, Composers, etc.

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How To Get a Talent Agent

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Many actors wonder how to get signed by a talent agent the minute they decide to pursue a career in acting. Rightfully so, since everybody knows that talent agents can open up many doors for aspiring performers.

This article will answer all of the above questions and more. Moving to Los Angeles? With so many actors and the acting career being as competitive as it is, how do you break through? How to get an agent to sign you and start booking bigger and better acting gigs? I have years of experience in this industry, both in London and Los Angeles. Just finding an acting agent alone can become difficult, let alone knowing how to get an agent to sign you.

Those times are long gone if they ever were here in the first place. Today, acting business is very competitive. Not true. Actors who are living in metropolitan cities like London will have an easier time finding acting agents in the area.

Most cities have them, you just need to really look. Google is best for this. Alternatively, I would highly suggest to move to a city like London as soon as you can. Not only that, but being an actor in London is a fun and rewarding experience.

Key message: Look for agencies in your hometown first, and make sure that you target smaller places instead of reaching too far. Some may be even embarrassed, or feel like they are intruding. Most talent agencies have websites with a page where they list actors that are currently signed with them. This is extremely helpful. Be friendly, and make a genuine connection.

This is the foundation of great networking skills. Once you contacted them and had a chat, ask about the agency they are signed with, how they did it and how can you do that too. Finally, to push things even further, you may even ask for a recommendation. Why not give it a shot? Some will say yes, some will say no. Take it for what it is, and move on. Alternatively, you can improve your chances of getting that recommendation if you take those people out to lunch, or something along those lines.

Maybe find a way to be helpful to them. Target specific agents within that agency, and use their names in the letter that you send. The way to do this is very easy, yet I see so many actors not doing this because they are simply lazy. So how do you do this? Pick either the top one, or whichever you feel you may connect with best, and go for that person. DO NOT email or mail multiple agents within the agency; this will look unprofessional. Pick whoever you want to target, and address your letter to that specific person.

Remember to write a nice looking cover letter to your agency , be brief and straight to the point. Avoid the common cover letter mistakes to make yourself look as professional as you can. Key message : Mailing specific people within the talent agency will guarantee a better response chance, and make you look more professional.

The final step in this process of reaching out for those who want to know how to get an agent is following up with your submissions. A follow-up is exactly what it sounds like. By now, you have sent out letters or emails to specific agents with a nicely structured cover letter, explaining them why they need to represent you, and hopefully you also got a recommendation.

Craft another — even shorter — email, and send it out to the same person. This is another crucial step on how to get an agent to sign you, so do it.

Worried that you may disturb someone? You must get over that fear, because the acting business is based on how proactive you are as an actor. Key message : Do not forget and do not be shy to follow-up your previous submission with a short reminder to increase your chances of response, and possibly getting a meeting with an agent. If you want to know to how to get an agent to sign you and have a higher chance of success, you need to spend time planning and researching.

By this point, you should have a list of talent agencies and specific acting agents to reach out to. The right time will come. Your Spotlight profile has to be completed well, with your headshots, showreel, credits and training clearly outline. When all is prepared and ready, you can start your mailing campaign.

You can do it by either sending emails or actual mail, or both. The choice is yours. However, the industry is gradually moving towards keeping everything digital, but some agencies are too slow to adapt. This makes it very easy for an agent to open your submission, take a look at the headshot and then turn it around to see your credits and training on the resume. Also, this ensures that your resume never gets separated from the headshot, which is crucial. Your cover letter should be very brief.

I repeat — be VERY brief. Send these three pieces headshot, resume, cover letter in one regular envelope and then all you can do is pray, if you wish. I would advise to forget about it for the next weeks and focus on your acting career. Then, if no responses came in, follow-up and forget about it again. Do NOT do this, ever. This is an acting business after all. Not only that, but leaving your headshot that was hopefully stapled to your acting resume increases the chance of that agent stumbling upon it sometime in the future, and maybe giving you call months later.

As a struggling actor, you need to take every chance you can, no matter how small. Honestly, this really was the hardest part of how to get an agent to sign you, until the actual meeting.

These meetings are all very similar and very different both at the same time. This is a simple one. Dress smart casual. There are many ways you can screw up your meeting with an agent , but dressing improperly cannot be one of them. You have to be better than that. The point is this: do not look sloppy.

Put some thought into your dress code, just not too much. Make sure your hygiene is on point. Usually, the meeting will take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Spend some time a day before thinking about these questions so that you are not caught off-guard. You may or may not be asked to perform a short monologue for the agent. Regardless, always have at least a few pieces memorized and prepared.

One modern, one classical, and one comedy monologues are usually the best type of arsenal an actor can have. DO NOT refrain from this, and make sure that you do have questions to ask. This shows your professionalism and that you understand how the business works. Other than that, the way you behave during an agency meeting is the way you behave as a normal human being. Simply be yourself. Be honest with your answers, keep them concise and try not to babble.

Again, acting agents are busy and knowing how to get an agent to sign you means avoiding taking too much of their time. Even though you may want to know how to get an agent to sign you right away, there are two reasons for not signing with them on the stop. Reason number one.

Reason number two. Agents know that so they will rarely have any objections. There are a lot of scam artists out there who understand that actors really want to know how to get an agent to sign them, and these young and inexperienced thespians are the main prey of scam artists.

What they do is sign whoever they can get into the office, and they charge them cash for being signed. That is not how a legitimate agency operates. No talent agent will ever charge you ANY fees for being signed, period. There are no ifs or maybes. Just to repeat this one more time: no legitimate agency charges any upfront fees for signing actors, ever.

The same goes for anything related to your acting career: headshots, retouching, resume, workshops, classes, demo reels, and any other service. Run away. The acting business is full of these scams, sadly. Occasionally, an agent may recommend you a specific acting teacher or a great photographer, if you need one.

6 Ways to Find the Best Agent for You

I fell in love with Los Angeles. It became a long process, which eventually returned great results. I got my O-1 visa! When it finally got approved, there was no hesitation.

RPM Talent Agency has been representing, branding and booking the most well-respected and interesting talent throughout the world for television, film, commercials, theatre, print and voice over campaigns. We believe in treating our talent, managers, casting directors and everyone we do business with with respect, kindness and genuine care.

Talent Link is a service we provide to actors who are seeking new talent representation. When reps click on the memo, they will see a single headshot of each of the actors that signed up for that release. It states in the note section below the actor's thumbnail what type of representation they are seeking. Talent Link is a great way for you to put yourself in front of Los Angeles and New York talent agents and managers.

How to Get an Acting Agent in L.A.

So you want to become an actor? Well as we pointed out in our guide to how to become an actor , you must find yourself a talent agent. Here is our guide to finding a talent agency. It is in your best interest to work with a franchised talent agency because non-franchised agents are more likely to be a con artist than a legitimate agent. Once you find a list of Talent Agencies that you are interested in working with you are ready for the next step, marketing yourself as an actor. Here are the three things you need to contact potential talent agencies. Your mission is to get a talent agent to agree to me with you in person to evaluate you as a potential client. Your resume should show how serious and experienced you are and your cover letter should introduce yourself. Always make sure that you have the correct spelling of an agent and the agency along with the correct mailing address.

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If you're like many actors , you may realize you need an agent but are unsure about how to find one. The value of an agent is they have industry contacts and insight that you don't—and more importantly, they can find acting gigs for you. When you enlist an agent to represent you, they set up general meetings with executives, producers, and casting directors around town to make an introduction. The purpose of these meetings is to put a bug in the ear of the prominent decision-makers. That way, when an acting opportunity comes up that matches your gender, age, appearance, and skill level, you'll be considered.

An agent helps negotiate contracts for actors, writers, directors, and producers.

Navigating your acting career in Los Angeles can be a daunting and intimidating task. Finding an agent committed to advancing your career is one of the most crucial steps in your trajectory to success. While the competition for a top agent is fierce, our guide will arm you with the knowledge you need to develop an effective strategy for landing the perfect agent.

How to Get an Agent 101: Acting Business How-Tos

Many actors wonder how to get signed by a talent agent the minute they decide to pursue a career in acting. Rightfully so, since everybody knows that talent agents can open up many doors for aspiring performers. This article will answer all of the above questions and more. Moving to Los Angeles?

Almost every actor who wants to be in commercials wants an agent. Landing legitimate representation for commercials can be easy sometimes, but it can also be challenging. Here are some suggestions that might help in the process. Do your research. Buy resources.

LA Actor’s Guide to Starting Acting in Los Angeles


Unfortunately, a lot of studios and agents in Los Angeles don't take people with O-1 Once you're part of an acting class in Los Angeles, you'll meet like-minded.








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