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How to get a girl to respect you

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It happens. In fact, it's an unfortunate but uncontrollable scenario that struck the men before you and the men before them. There will be times when the climax occurs a tad quicker than you wanted it to, but the worst thing in the world you can do is start apologizing, or worse, feel sorry for yourself. The second you start making up embarrassing excuses for why it happened, showing shame or over explaining, she starts to lose respect. Instead, take her by surprise, turn the tables and do whatever it takes to make sure that she gets off.

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to get women to respect you

The Best Tips To Make Her Respect You

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In our society, women and girls are often treated with disrespect. This is due, in part, to men and boys not fully understanding how to show them the respect they deserve. Any time you interact with people, including girls, you should strive to be as respectful as possible. Learn to respect the bodies, emotions, and opinions of girls, and to speak to them in a way that shows you care about their thoughts and feelings.

To treat girls with respect, try communicating openly and honestly with them. When you have a conversation with a girl, allow her to speak and actively listen to what she has to say.

Avoid dominating the conversation, interrupting her, or not giving her time to respond. Make sure that you also have a fair and considerate attitude towards girls. Simply treat girls how you would like to be treated.

Understand that "No" means no and that you always need permission to touch somebody else. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. He graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology in There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Explore this Article Speaking to Girls with Respect. Respecting Girls' Bodies. Respecting Girls' Emotions. Respecting Girls' Opinions. Help Having a Respectful Conversation with a Girl. Show 2 more Show less Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Make eye contact when talking. When you speak to someone, you make eye contact with them. This shows that you are listening attentively, and that you are focused on the conversation.

This rule applies for girls as much as it does for boys. By making eye contact with her, you show her that you respect her. You can allow your gaze to shift about, but try to stay focused on her eyes as much as possible. Allow her to speak. Listen to what girls have to say and avoid dominating the conversation. Conversation between two people is give and take. After you say something, give her a chance to respond. When she is saying something, wait until she finishes speaking to respond.

If you are truly listening, your response will be relevant to what she has said and add substance to the conversation. Is that right? Assess your attitude towards girls. Take some time to reflect on your attitude towards girls to help you determine what your biases might be. For example, do you tend to associate women with certain careers, behaviors, or social roles? Are you skeptical of women in positions of power?

Make a list of things that you consider your biases against women. If a friend is being disrespectful towards girls, point it out and correct them. Mind your manners. Avoid obsessive swearing, passing gas, burping, etc. Say excuse me and move on.

The point is to avoid being deliberately rude, not to be a robot. Method 2 of Ask for permission before touching another person. This rule applies to everyone: there are no exceptions to who does and does not have the right to give or withhold consent for physical contact. That said, girls' bodies are more notoriously objectified. Show her respect by acknowledging her right to decide who touches her body, and when and how they do it.

You also have the right to say no if you are not comfortable with the contact. Society often seems disconnected from the concept of consent. Most people understand that if consent is not given, then you should not touch, or continue to touch, a girl. This is not true. The rule extends to any physical contact. Be mindful of comments that affect her body image. This can be seen as a direct insult to either, or both, of the girls you are comparing. Know when to leave a girl alone.

Sometimes, a girl might not want your attention. In these cases, you should respect her wishes and leave her alone.

If she tells you that she would rather be left alone, it is disrespectful to continue to talk to her, compliment her, or otherwise pursue her attention. If a girl indicates that she wants to be left alone, then you can just say something like, "Sorry. I'll leave," or "Okay, have a good day," and then leave. Method 3 of Avoid generalizing all girls into the same categories. Each girl is different and has different needs than other girls.

This implies that all girls are basically the same, which is not true. You have to understand that every girl has her own unique personality before you will be able to respect her needs and opinions.

Think about the assumptions you make regarding girls, and work to overcome them. Acknowledge that her emotions are valid. You will not always understand the emotions of another person. Her feelings are valid and do not need to meet your criteria to be important.

For example, you can say something like, "It sounds like you had a tough day. Attempt to meet her needs. First of all, when showing a girl respect, understand that she is her own person in charge of her own happiness. Her happiness is not in your hands. That said, when a girl decides to trust you or lean on you, try your best to meet her needs.

Be supportive in tough situations, and encourage her every day. Method 4 of Recognize her opinion as equal to yours. If you are debating with facts and figures then those things speak for themselves.

The fact that she is a girl does not make her any less intelligent or able to form a coherent opinion. You are allowed to disagree with her, but you also have to respect her point of view. Present valid arguments. If you disagree with a girl, stick to the facts. If you have a reason to disagree with her, state that reason with facts or as your own opinion , but do not belittle her for being a girl. Ask her opinion regularly. If you respect someone, you value their opinion.

Ask a girl for her opinion on things regularly to show that you care what she thinks.

How to Get a Woman to Respect You

George has been with his girlfriend, Heather, for over 2 years and is finding that she is more often than not disregarding his feelings, throwing tantrums, and using foul language to express herself. George has shared that what attracted him to Heather was her fiery spirit and passion for life but on that same breath he feels that her hypersensitivity has turned from an understanding angle to a disrespectful one where he is being mistreated. How can George get his girlfriend to respect him more? In a relationship you need to always fight fair.

In " Dating Narcissistic and Egotistical Women ," dehjomz asks the following about the decline of respect in a relationship :. My response was, while this can happen with narcissistic women, yes, it can also happen with any woman - even women untouched by narcissism.

Respect in any relationship is earned, so you must be willing to do what it takes to put forth effort to build it if you want her to view you as someone worth her time. You let her know that you can match her emotional world with your honesty. Women are drawn to strength. Find other topics to discuss when simple things seem to aggravate you.

7 Reasons Why Women Lose Respect For Men

There are power dynamics at play in every type of relationship. So it should come as no surprise that there will be a power dynamic in your romantic relationship as well. In some partnerships there is an equal amount of power and respect, and in others, one partner holds most of the power. To make things even more complicated, the power can shift at different points in your relationship. Maybe in the beginning you two never thought of power and respect because it felt equally distributed. But then, as time went on, you noticed things shifting and you felt like your boyfriend or girlfriend somehow had more power. Many things could have made the partnership structure change.

10 Key Tips To Get A Woman To Respect You

Get expert help with getting a man to respect you. Click here to chat online to someone right now. Understand Where His Lack Of Respect Comes From There are lots of reasons why men find it difficult to respect women, even if this is an unconscious decision. Your boss may have never had a female member on the board before, so may be struggling to respect you as he normally sees women as secretaries. Some men have only ever experienced women as homemakers — maybe his mother stayed home and did the cooking and cleaning while his father was the breadwinner.

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Subscribe To Our Newsletter! That is not good if you are a single guy trying to get a woman or if you are a guy who is dating a woman and trying to keep her. So, how do you get a woman to respect you?

3 Rules to Get Women to Respect You in a Relationship

In our society, women and girls are often treated with disrespect. This is due, in part, to men and boys not fully understanding how to show them the respect they deserve. Any time you interact with people, including girls, you should strive to be as respectful as possible.

You never stutter, ponder over, or invest a good deal of mental energy in over-analyzing most of the relatively mundane decisions which must be made in romantic situations. When you ask a girl out, you have a plan and make a specific recommendation. No, "What do you want to do? I don't know what do you want to do? All she has to do is agree.

How To Make A Man Respect You: 11 No Nonsense Tips!

Respect is one of of the few things that play a vital role in making or breaking a relationship. According to some, it is more important than love itself as it is the strongest binding force that keeps two together. It is the basic right of every being regardless of race, gender, age, etc. As it is the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship, the absence of it definitely leads to the end of it. So here are a few tips that can help you get your partner to respect you. It all starts with you. People often look for how a person treats or talks about himself and then they treat him accordingly.

She doesn't respect you. And she respects you even less because she does unacceptable things to hurt you, and you say and do nothing. By talking to other guys  17 answers.

When a woman loses respect for you as her man, she will then begin to feel less attraction for you and when that happens, she will gradually begin to fall out of love with you. So, in addition to being a good man that she can look up to and respect, you need to bring out the best in her, so she is a good woman that treats you well. When a relationship begins, most men are on their best behavior because they want to have sex with the woman and then get into a relationship with her.

How Can I Get My Girlfriend To Respect Me?

As men we actually inherently know this. We think we value respect more than women. But women also need to respect us in order to have feelings for us.

7 Ways To Gain More Power & Respect In Your Relationship

Respect is one of the most important elements your relationship should have. This will give your relationship a stronger bond and will also make it long-lasting. So, here are 10 ways to make your girlfriend respect you. Respect yourself.



7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Respect You



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