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How to find an ex girlfriend online

A quick note before we get started: Many people in this world want to be left alone, and you should respect that—these tips are not intended to help you stalk an ex or relative who has made it pretty clear they never want to see you again. These are fairly global and disclose more personal details. Google is still the first, best step, when searching social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all well worth digging into, and in each case there are little tweaks you can make to your searches. Twitter has a people filter on its search, like Facebook does, as well as an advanced search page.

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How to Find Your Ex Online

I mean, you are creepy, but at least you know it. He has to know about privacy settings by now, right? Get in the game, ex. Check out your mutuals. See if you have any mutual friends. If you do, think about whether or not you actually like those mutual friends, or if you just friended them out of boredom.

If any of these mutuals ever wore one of those black shirts with the flame design and considers Guy Fieri an actual chef, you might want to cancel ahead of time.

Go to Google. Type his name in quotes, and see what comes up. The interesting information will be court documents. This is how Nev Schulman catches most of his catfish. Stalking is definitely a smart move in this case. This function lets you see tags that might not appear on their wall, which is, as mentioned above, the advanced level of stalk and probably something you should mention to your therapist. Take the information you used from your Google search one step further.

Remember Step 3? If you want to go above and beyond, try to search by individual details you find. If he went to Florida State, see if you can access their newspapers. Find his family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. River has a younger sister whose a big fan of Drake.

Maybe you should figure out where she hangs out after school, wear a Drake shirt, and hope she comments on it. From there, you can ask if her brother is seeing anyone. Does Drake even have a lot of tour shirts? Find out where he works, and call for his schedule. What changed between then and now? Search every dating site for his typical online handle. When people find a handle, they typically stick with it.

How does he describe himself in his profiles? Is he accurate? Does he mention you? Then, take it to the next level. See if he uses the same techniques he used to land you, and make sure to ask him what went wrong in his last relationships. You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes. Just click here …. When she's not writing, she enjoys making her phone run out of memory after taking too many photos of her dog.

You can find her on Twitter karenebelz. By Kate Ferguson. By Amanda Chatel. By Sarah Burke. By Averi Clements. By Lyndsie Robinson. By Amy Horton. Search Search for:. About Contact Privacy Policy. Facebook Instagram Pinterest. Single AF. Share this article now! Have something to add? Jump to the comments. Most Popular Stories 1.

Why I Stalk Your Ex-Girlfriend Online

Everyone loves a list 2. And this is a novel, told entirely in lists. Have you ever wondered what your life might look like in little lists? It might look something like this.

Updated: September 6, References. So you want to find your old girlfriend on Facebook? It shouldn't be too hard, if you know her current name, if it's not too common, and if she's on the social media site.

I troll her Facebook profile or anonymously follow her Twitter page in hopes that some kernel of koo-koo might spring up. If the breakup was a tough one, I might stalk your ex-girlfriend to make sure she is recovering normally. But if your ex-girlfriend is spreading rumors on her blog, or slandering my name to mutual friends across Facebook, I want to know so I can refute her claims via Mother Teresa Retaliation Tactics:. Clearly she has been having a hard time getting over the breakup and seeing how happy Mike is now.

13 Things You Need To Know Before Searching for an Ex on Social Media

It's hard to imagine there was a time when you could break up with someone or be broken up with and then never, ever have to see his horrible, beautiful, heartbreaking face again. Ah, what a comfort it must have been to be able to cry for a day, talk it out with friends, and then know you could move on. There was no high-tech way of keeping tabs on that person, and even if you heard through the grapevine that he had a new girlfriend or wife, you could make it through life without viewing photos of her and knowing hair that shiny actually exists outside of a shampoo commercial. Boy, are those days gone. It's now pretty much possible to locate and stalk every boyfriend you've had since kindergarten. Not that you plan on doing this, of course, but here are 7 websites that have made it super easy for " ex-boyfriend stalking " to become an international sport and for no one to ever fully get over and past the Facebook: Obviously , this site was more or less created for people who have time on their hands and aren't afraid to waste it searching for every person they've ever loved or had an unrequited crush on. Unless the ex-object of your affection is savvy and has made his profile private don't you hate that? Be careful not to accidentally send him a Friend Request. Twitter: Here's where you'll find the ex who lived his life from atop a soapbox.

7 High-Tech Ways to Stalk Your Ex

Social media has opened the door to instant updates on former S. It's only natural that you might want to find out more about their current life and loves, and check in to see how life has treated them. But curiosity and accessibility may also inspire those of us who do not have professional detective skills to advanced levels of snooping, lurking, and occasionally obsessing over photos of an ex's current life. Reconnections with former sweethearts can be fun and may sometimes lead to a second chance at love.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to search for your ex online.

I mean, you are creepy, but at least you know it. He has to know about privacy settings by now, right? Get in the game, ex. Check out your mutuals.




Mar 16, - What are some simple steps I can take to protect my privacy online? Many people believe that they can't do anything to protect their privacy online, but that's not  How to find out if my ex-girlfriend is married and if.








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