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Summary: Riley and Maya are walking to school. Maya doesn't see a truck coming while crossing the street. Riley pushes Maya out of the way just in time, but Riley is hit head on. Will Riley be okay? How will Maya and the others cope with this tragedy?

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Characters At Alternate Ages

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Author's note: I don't know what this is. I needed to be sleeping but, instead, wrote this on my phone in the middle of the night. Maya was good in a crisis. Always remained calm, cool, and quiet. Offered advice and words of comfort when and if they were needed but mostly just gave her time and presence when things were falling apart. Now things are unraveling and all those times in the past that she was good in a crisis?

None of them matter. Because Maya is also coming undone and she can't breathe. She can't fucking breathe and the moments where she was was calm and collected? It was all due to Riley. Riley kept Maya at peace, and her breathing even, and having her hand wrapped up in the brunette's is how she stayed strong.

But right now she's broken because Riley's broken and so, so small and quiet and all the things Riley could never be described as in their every day life. We have to believe that because it's all we can do right now and none of are any use to Riley if we can't take of ourselves. It's true but Maya feels like shit because Cory, the father of her girlfriend, is comforting her when she feels should be taking care of them. Today the doctor told them they're not sure when Riley will wake up but there's plenty of brain activity and they're very hopeful that she will, they just don't know when it will be because sometimes these things can take a bit of time.

That information is hard to handle. Riley's been unconscious for eight days. Isn't that long enough? A myriad of emotions have been flying at Maya in the seemingly short time that really feels more like a thousand years. In real time, when the world is right and Riley is conscious and they're happy and together, eight days feels like nothing and maybe she's been taking that all for granted. Regret is the most overwhelming emotion of them all. Because she finds herself transported back to middle school and high school and thinking of all the ridiculous fights they've ever had and all the idiotic words she's said to Riley.

The times where she needed space and wanted a vacation from Riley. Why would she ever want that? Because all she wants right now is for her to wake up, to laugh and kiss her and hear Riley say her name.

I'm okay. Look, if you guys want to go eat something and shower, I'll stay with her. We know she's in good hands with you but you need to take take of yourself, too, sweetheart. Topanga reaches into her bag and grabs a set of keys, handing them to Maya, "Go to our place, take a shower and eat something. There's some of your old clothes you left there once in Riley's old room. When you get back, we'll go. That way, she won't ever be alone.

Maya nods, taking the keys, and places a kiss on Riley's forehead before promising to be back soon. Maya enters apartment number twenty-six as she had done so many times throughout her childhood and teen years, most of the time through Riley's bedroom window, but it was all the same. This place was more of a home than her actual home had been when she was growing up.

She takes in the familiar surroundings and the smell and feels an ache in heart as tears spring to her eyes. The couch makes her thinks of nights spent there during family game nights and movie nights, times her and Riley had fallen asleep while trying to stay up past their bedtimes. Mornings before school and evenings sat at the kitchen table for meals. Mostly Topanga would cook, sometimes Cory, and when they had gotten to high school- Riley tried her hand at cooking a few times.

Maya wanted to laugh at all the memories she had of Riley in this kitchen. Riley burning toast, Riley trying to bake Maya a cake but accidentally using salt instead of sugar, exploding various foods and ingredients in the microwave. Cooking really wasn't her strong suit which was extremely ironic considering her mother owned a bakery.

There were memories of Riley all throughout this place and Maya could feel her lungs going empty again. She makes her way to Riley's old bedroom and completely breaks down. Of course, it was all special, all vital, and crucial. Every second spent with Riley was the most important damn thing in the world but so many milestones had taken place in this room.

Meeting for the first time ever, hours and hours spent just talking at the bay window, their first kiss with each other, it's where Maya asked Riley to be her girlfriend, and after that- hours spent just making out at the bay window, their first time.

So many firsts and so many other things. Cory and Topanga didn't change the room when Riley moved out and into a dorm room. Even when Riley and Maya got an apartment together in their second year of college- because they went to different schools and couldn't stand being apart, and living on campus was only required in your first year of university- Cory was very insistent on keeping things the way they'd been when Riley was growing up.

When Cory was graduating high school, his parents turned his room into a nursery for Joshua. He wanted Riley- and Auggie, too, when he's old enough- to always have a place to come back to. Maya collapses on the bed and just cries and cries. It scares her when it dawns on her that she can't live without Riley. And it terrifies her even more when she realizes that living without Riley could easily become a possibility.

She falls asleep and only wakes up when her phone starts ringing and she realizes she's been here for several hours, still having not eaten or taken a shower but she probably needed the sleep more. It's dark outside through the windows, in the room and light on her phone feels as loud as ringing the does. Maya squints her eyes to try and adjust them to the harsh light of the screen and sees it's Cory calling her and she clicks the green icon on the screen to answer. Our girl's okay," he sounds so relieved, "The doctor's with her right now.

She asked for you, we told her you're on the way. Maya runs faster than she's ever run before, knowing that running is probably one-hundred percent prohibited in a hospital but she really can't help herself. She finally slows down when she reaches the floor that Riley's room is on and turns the corner to the hallway. Cory and Topanga are outside of the shut door, talking to the doctor when Maya approaches.

Both of them look at her, soft but tired smiles on their faces. They both had aged several years in just a week, the way worry and fear had overtaken them. Maya felt the same way and they were all feeling slightly more relaxed. Maya hands Topanga's keys back to her and allows the woman to pull her in for a hug, which Maya welcomes wholeheartedly. Maya's heart is beating hard and fast as she goes to open the door and then it slows down as fast as it sped up when her eyes meet Riley's.

She missed that very specific shade of brown that were the color of Riley's eyes, she missed looking into them and she missed feeling them gazing at her when Riley thought Maya had no idea the former was staring at her. She finally feels calm again but her legs feel heavy and frozen in place because Riley still looks so fragile, but less broken, and she knows she shouldn't throw herself at the girl while she's healing.

I missed you so much," she's crying and finds the strength to walk right up to her bedside and she hugs her as gently as she possibly can, pressing soft kisses to both her cheeks and her forehead. Both the girls laugh and Maya sighs happily because she wasn't sure if she would ever hear Riley's laugh again. You have to promise," and Maya is only kind of joking because life has a way of making things happen that are out of anyone's control and they both know that.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Maya has always been good in a crisis. Up until Riley ends up in the hospital.

They're in college. Established relationship. Maya was always good in a crisis until it came to Riley being in the hospital. Rating: T, mostly for cursing. Disclaimer: I don't own Girl Meets World, it's characters, or anything else. We'll be in shortly," Topanga says.

Riley indulges her anyway, "I promise. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Zay looked up from the container of ice cream he was eating and raised an eyebrow at his friend. I'm in labor," Riley saw the spoon in his mouth drop to the ground and watched as he spit the ice cream out. You can't be! Lucas isn't even here!

Summary: Riley thinks she just passed out during 'Girl Meets Home for the Holiday' but when she wake up, everything she remembers was just a dream. While there are things that are similar, there are a lot of things that are very different, most especially: when she asks for her best friend, no one seems to know who Maya Hart is.

Author's note: I don't know what this is. I needed to be sleeping but, instead, wrote this on my phone in the middle of the night. Maya was good in a crisis. Always remained calm, cool, and quiet. Offered advice and words of comfort when and if they were needed but mostly just gave her time and presence when things were falling apart.

Lucas is scared to tell Riley how he feels about her. One song will help him make his decision. Will Riley sing along, or will she reject? Lucas Friar was a very handsome young man with dirty-blonde hair and green eyes. All of the girls had their eyes on him, but he had someone else in mind, Riley Matthews. He loved the way she laughed, talked, and smiled. He loved everything about her. He was one of her best friends.

Lucas Friar, new resident doctor at Greenwich Village Hospital, was celebrating his recent accomplishment with his best friends Zay and Vanessa. After years of medical school, he was finally ready to take on his chosen specialty in pediatrics. They were at a local bar on a summer Friday night. The night was young and they were just getting started.

After ascertaining that an actual stranger had entered the room, Riley attempts to scream, but the intruder covers her mouth and confides that she is running away from home, but was attracted to the decor of the window and the singing she heard, which she preferred to yelling. Glancing about, the newcomer asks Riley what she does there.

The day of Riley's surgery was finally here as she woke up and looked out her bedroom window it was still dark out. As she looked at her clock it read AM which was the earliest that she had ever had to be up. It wasn't that Riley was nervous about the surgery anymore.

Anyway, so if you go sort all of the GMW stories by favorites my story is number 3! I apologize for the upcoming angst and my bad hospital diagnosements and stuff I'm not an expert. Riley's back was stiff when she woke up.

Hey guys, sorry that it's been so long, I've been working on my story a lot so… yeah, sorry. Anyways, if you want to check that out, here's the link:. Anyways, at the moment, my only story on it is 'Make it Pop: The Little Sister' and its sequel 'Life Happens', but I'm working really hard on another story that isn't a fanfiction. Anyways, let's get this story started! I looked to where the car had hit her leg.

I open my eyes to see a white room. An unfamiliar white room, and it's really bright. My ankle feels like it's throbbing, but I'm covered in a blanket, so I can't even look at it. I'm having trouble seeing also, because the lights are so white. I look to my right and see my parents sleeping in plastic black chairs.

Dec 19, - Lucas likes Riley but doesn't know how to tell her. All of the girls had their eyes on him, but he had someone else in mind, Riley Matthews. "Ma'am, if you could just come with me," he said, "I can take you to the hospital.

Never Let Me Go. Summary : "Miss Matthews, I have some bad news Is life ever fair?

Hey guys. I'm so happy you all enjoyed the first chapter and gave me so many reviews. You inspired me to write more and I couldn't stop so today, I present to you chapter two.

Riley Matthews and Maya Hart walked into their 7th grade history class, and their teacher was none other than Cory Matthews. The girls took their seats and started chatting about what their plans were for this weekend. We will talk about what it was like to live in Mississippi back in the s and s," said Cory.

Author's Note: Well kids Rucas is over! Lucas kicked Riley to the curb and now the aftermath.

Hospitals weren't actually white. Farkle had forgotten that. The last time he'd been in one had been when Riley was seven years old and had to get her tonsils out. He remembered bringing her ice cream and buying her Hazel the Hippo.



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