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Skip navigation! Story from Movie Reviews. In the tradition of Napoleon Dynamite , the characters are mostly deadpan weirdos and misfits. This can be hit-or-miss, but mostly works here. Still, in some cases, that kind of apathetic detachment makes it difficult to connect with people we should be able to empathize with, or at the very least care about.

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David Ehrlich. Larson, a creative force of nature who also stars in and produced her feature-length directorial debut, plays an aimless twentysomething named Kit. As a child, Kit was obsessed with unicorns. As an adult, Kit is still a child. Moving home with her hippie parents, California youth counselors played by Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford, Kit sinks into a familiar despondency.

Popular on IndieWire. Fortunately for our emotionally stunted heroine, her fairy godfather is about to make himself known.

Luring Kit into his sparkly lair by sending the girl a batch of mysterious notes, The Salesman a delightfully Willy Wonka-esque Samuel L. Jackson is waiting for her in his underground store.

The Salesman only sells one thing: Unicorns. She just wants a unicorn. Kit always feels different, but she often seems unintentionally demented. At this point in her life, it seems less like a case of arrested development than it a case of someone having a dissociative episode.

A hardware store employee whom Kit recruits to build her unicorn stable, Virgil is the only one who tries to meet Kit at her level, and their notably sexless friendship is not without its charms.

By the time The Salesman has to decide if Kit deserves a unicorn, the question no longer seems relevant to what she needs, even in the abstract.

It is currently seeking U. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Back to IndieWire. Jackson, but this is a millennial fairy tale that has no idea who it's actually for. David Ehrlich Sep 12, pm davidehrlich. Doc Rolling Stone 4 hours ago. TVLine 7 hours ago. GoldDerby 2 hours ago.

Film Review: Unicorn Store

By Jabeen Waheed For Mailonline. She is one of Hollywood's most talented stars, having worked her way up from her a child star to an Oscar winner. And Brie Larson has added another string to her bow, with her directorial debut in the flick Unicorn Store - which was finally released to Netflix viewers on Friday.

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In between Brie Larson kicking ass in Captain Marvel and kicking ass in Avengers: Endgame , the Oscar-winning actress is suffering through a different kind of crisis in her arts and crafts directorial debut Unicorn Store. Stuffed with sugary sweet sentimentality, the film is like cotton candy to the senses, a taste of Larson as a director that makes you yearn for an actual meal. Acquired by Netflix after two years in distribution limbo, Unicorn Store is a modern fantasy about a millennial woman stuck in arrested development. Kicked out of art school, Kit Larson moves back in with her hippie parents. Jackson who offers to fulfill her dream of owning an actual unicorn, but only if she proves herself by building an honest-to-goodness horse stable in her backyard and improving her emotional relationship with her parents.

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Imagine a young twenty-something woman, Kit Brie Larson , who has just failed at art school and finds herself back at home with her chippier than chip parents and no life direction. Then imagine that she receives a letter from a particularly bizarre Samuel L. Jackson - sporting tinsel in his hair, a plush, pink suit and a questionable vocation in life. Generally, it seemed to be trying to tell me the message that we all have to embrace our inner child in order to be at peace with who we are, but for a lot of time it appeared more like Kit was just regressing back to childhood and was unable to grow in any way. I think this is why I wondered if Kit was just hallucinating everything. She also has a very weird boss, who would be a top case for sexual harassment. The only character I genuinely liked and that generally had more depth and humanity was Virgil Mamoudou Athie , a D. Although to be fair, I sort of ended up liking Kit too, even if she was a bit infuriating.

Unicorn Store

Where To Stream. Netflix Developing Film About U. Michigan Gov. Jackson interrogate, intimidate and fire many, many guns. But a pink-suit-wearing, warm-hearted, ice-cream-loving, tinsel-haired unicorn salesman?

Larson herself plays one such twenty-something fantasist.

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Unicorn Store Soundtrack List

David Ehrlich. Larson, a creative force of nature who also stars in and produced her feature-length directorial debut, plays an aimless twentysomething named Kit. As a child, Kit was obsessed with unicorns.

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Unicorn Store is a American fantasy comedy-drama film directed and co-produced by Brie Larson in her feature directorial debut. It stars Larson, Samuel L. The film received mixed reviews with critics praising the performances and Larson's potential as a filmmaker while some lamented the screenplay as too "immature" and "whimsical". Kit, a failed artist, moves back in with her parents and takes a temp job at a PR agency. At work, Kit meets the vice president of the company, Gary, who is extremely awkward and makes inappropriate advances towards her.

Brie Larson is praised for her ‘wonderful’ directorial debut in Unicorn Store

It may sound twee and it is , but Brie Larson's directorial debut calls for a tricky tonal balancing act that results in a creative misfire. By Peter Debruge. Chief Film Critic. Would it be the best thing that ever happened? Or in some cases, is giving a girl a pony the worst possible present? One thing is clear: Kit should really learn to paint without making such a rainbow-colored mess on her own face. Back home with her camp-counselor parents Bradley Whitford and Joan Cusack, who talks to everyone as if he or she were four years old , Kit tries to get a grown-up job, working as a temp in an advertising firm.

Unicorn Store is a American fantasy comedy-drama film directed and co-produced by Brie When she hesitates, the Salesman tells her there is another woman who is waiting if Kit doesn't come to get it. be best enjoyed by audiences with a high tolerance for colorful whimsy, but Unicorn Store is easy to like — and it.


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