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Gemini woman jealous possessive

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Great God Almighty, you are one possessive girl! You cling to your lover with the ferocity of a barnacle holding onto a rusty battleship. Domineering and controlling, you tell them to get rid of all their friends and to NEVER make contact with exes. Whether or not this suffocating method works depends entirely on whether your lover actually wants to be possessed.

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Everybody gets jealous in a relationship from time to time. Insecurities can be a challenge when it comes to trusting our partners. Some of us crave attention while others might demand more freedom.

Some of us live for affection while someone else might prefer to have space. There are different levels of jealousy ranging from being suspicious all the time to ignoring any feelings of envy. Why do we all deal with our emotions in so many different ways? The answer can totally be found in the stars. Many people turn to their horoscope for answers and there is truth to be found in astrology.

How you respond when you feel jealous is often influenced by astrology. Perhaps you hide your feelings well and would never even admit it to yourself if you were envious. Maybe you love so deeply that you get possessive in a relationship. Astrology can help you understand your emotions on a profound level. Discover your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to jealousy. The answers can be found in this list of what is each sign is most jealous of and why.

You come across as totally self-sufficient since Aries women crave freedom. Yet, insecurities hide underneath all that superficial confidence. You have a big personality and have to be the dominant one in a relationship. A guy like you oozes confidence and has a ton of energy, but it can get ugly if a partner tries to slow you down. The Taurus woman is ruled by Venus, the Empress of love.

The Taurus man is also ruled by Venus, so he tends to be very thoughtful when it comes to romance. They just better acknowledge all of your hard work or you will move on without even thinking twice. Yet, with the right person, you make an awesome boyfriend. The Gemini woman has a complex duality that lures others to her.

On one side, you demand freedom but on the other side, you need reassurance. That being said, once you feel secure in a relationship, you totally commit yourself and are quick to forgive someone who is deserving of it. You have plenty of emotional ups-and-downs that can leave your partner guessing. Your guilty conscience can get the best of you and transform you into the green-eyed monster. Your significant other better be prepared to give the attention you think you deserve or things can get tense.

Although you crave independence, you like to be in a partnership, as long as they are willing to look beyond your flirty ways. When a Cancer woman is in a relationship, she yearns to have constant contact with her lover or insecurities can take over.

Trust is very important to you and if you feel secure with someone, you go all in. Couple that with your tendency to overthink things and you can be a bit of an envious mess. All of this makes you one of the most jealousy-prone signs. You are intense and can give too much of yourself to those you love. Your sensitivity makes you rather fragile. Confidence is a challenge for you, so you tend to be passive in a relationship.

The good news is, once you find a person that can match your intensity, you make a very attentive lover who is totally devoted. The Leo lady thrives on compliments. Respect is important to you and you require nothing less than complete adoration. When it comes to love, your partner better be prepared to worship you. Your inflated self-confidence can overshadow your significant other so you need a partner that is secure in who they are.

Underneath all that bravado is a really authentic person who craves love. A girl like you is very self-sacrificing but it can make you look for problems that may not be there.

Once you set your sites on someone, devotion comes easy for you. Yet, if you suspect that someone is being unfaithful, you have no problem accusing your partner of something that they may not be guilty of.

Jealousy is an underlying trait of the Virgo man. Yet, once you push through those tendencies, you love to engage in a meaningful relationship. Yet, if someone is willing to prove their loyalty then you can let them in. So, you might get a bit clingy and it can make envy bubble up. You want security in a relationship and that makes you demanding. Despite these insecurities, you can be an awesome girlfriend because you have a sense of adventure. If a partner is willing to validate you on a constant basis, you can be a lot of fun.

You are so attracted to making a connection that it takes a lot to ruffle your feathers. As a matter of fact, you struggle with a wandering eye sometimes. You also feel a strong pull toward marriage. You love fiercely and your partner better think twice about even looking at another girl. Your dedication is admirable, but your intensity can be a bit much. You hold a grudge and are quick to give silent treatment if you feel threatened in any way. Yet, if your partner can handle going deeper, then a relationship with you is authentic and rewarding.

Your moodiness makes you totally suspicious all the time. Even though you come across as totally confident, insecurities lurk beneath that mysterious aura. Your sensitivity makes you feel jealous of the slightest things. If your partner only has eyes for you, then you make an incredible boyfriend who has no problem committing to someone. Since you get bored easily, your partner better not get too attached. Independence is important to you, so you refuse to be stifled by a relationship.

You are the least jealous of all the signs. If you suspect something fishy is going on you just call a person out rather then let it fester. This can make a relationship with you a bit hard to handle. Much like your female counterpart, you like to have space so your partner better be able to give you the freedom you demand. Once all of these requirements are met you are a very loyal boyfriend.

Communication is a challenge for you, so it takes you a bit to open up. If your partner betrays your trust, then you shut out the world, and lick your wounds in private. You seem totally cool on the surface but underneath, you can be filled with jealousy and rage.

Since you have a tendency to keep your feelings bottled up, you can be in danger of letting envy get the best of you. Yet, you crave adventure and can have a fear of boredom. If he happens to feel jealous, then he just totally ignores the feeling.

That being said, you value honesty once you are in a serious relationship. You expect your significant other to be flexible and give you enough space to sort out any jealousy on your own terms. Your willingness to forgive means that you give people the benefit of the doubt too quickly. The Pisces man would much rather smother his partner with love and hope for the best. Since you lead with your heart and avoid confrontation, you struggle with vulnerability.

Your idealistic nature makes you put your partner on a pedestal, whether they deserve it or not. Share Tweet Email Comment Share. Related Topics Horoscope.

Disclosure: This post might include affiliate links. I receive a little compensation when you purchase using my links, which I totally blow on the lattes for the ladies in the office, Life happens, coffee helps. They also love to flirt.

Email address:. The Gemini woman knows that it may be hard not to cheat on your partner, but still she completely trusts the person with whom she may be in love. If she gets jealous she has no problem in admitting it and she will ask the partner to reassure her.

Everybody gets jealous in a relationship from time to time. Insecurities can be a challenge when it comes to trusting our partners. Some of us crave attention while others might demand more freedom. Some of us live for affection while someone else might prefer to have space.

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Possessive

Men or women, the Gemini zodiac sign truly shines bright within the zodiac constellation. They are vibrant, energetic people who light up a room when they enter. It might seem exaggerated to be using this word, but for some evolved Gemini men, they have an aura about them. Think of all the Gemini celebrities you can: Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Tupac… all these Gemini men are extremely self-assured males who live life with a certain flair to them. Gemini men have lots of other qualities that make them irresistible; their eagerness to constantly learn and grow, for example. Gemini men are literally the opposite of static. They are dynamic individuals who are constantly reinventing themselves.

Are Gemini Women Jealous And Possessive?

Nine times out of ten, jealousy in relationships stems from the fear of being cheated on. Venus' position at the time you were born indicates how your jealousy manifests. Some zodiac signs are way more jealous than others. Coming in at number one is

For some zodiac signs, being possessive is as natural as being in love.

I'm a cancer and my gemini pretends to love someone else, just becoz she think in the glory of her own fantasy world that I cheat on her behind her back, I mean WTF!!!! And within seconds its easy for me to guess when someone is lying and when someone is not lying My gut feeling told me she was "lying" and yes she Indeed lied

When Is Gemini Man Jealous? – 5 Signs To Point Out!

Scorpio is one of the most profound and mysterious signs of the zodiac , and a Scorpio in love can be a powerful and invested partner. However, when ignited by conflicting passions, a Scorpio's relationship can erupt into an unpleasant melodrama. Scorpio is a water sign, and this element is known for its emotional nature.

In comparison with men of other zodiac signs, Gemini man is probably not the jealous type. On the contrary, you may be more jealous than he is. He is truly a flirt when it comes to the romance. As independent as Aquarius, a Gemini man rarely displays his jealousy and possessiveness often. He, most of the time, does not really bother his partner with such matters.

Is Gemini Man Jealous When In Love (5 Obvious Signs To Discover)

People who were born on May 22nd — June 21st are under Gemini as their astrological sign. The symbol of Gemini is twins, and it is also depicted by Roman numeral II as its glyph that represents duality. Gemini is one of most charming astrological signs. Not only full of charm, people of Gemini are also smart, quick witted and love mystery. To speak you the truth, Gemini rarely shows her jealousy. When she does, she does it in a very Gemini way, which is so subtle. Hence, unless you are a super sensitive person or you have a good radar that is able to sense her jealousy, the probability is you are not aware at all when she is being jealous. Lucky for you, you do not need to decipher her behavior yourself when she gets jealous since this article provides a list which contains several signs a Gemini woman is jealous of you.

The nature of Gemini is not jealous or possessive at all. with a Gemini, be prepared to live with the insecure feelings as he can't help flirting with other women.

Jealousy is a monster that can bring out the worst in you. Jealousy is an unpleasant emotion that consists of fear, anger, and rejection. The one does not suffer much from it, the other is consumed by jealousy, but everyone knows the feeling. Scroll down if you want to know which four constellations are the most jealous.

Almost all issues between them involve trust, and trust is the love important thing to a Scorpio, so there is little wiggle room. As expected for the woman butterfly Gemini woman, making friends is easy, and she is rarely not surrounded by individuals of all types. Making long-term friends is different, however, as Gemini women woman known to move on once the allure of new discoveries dating worn off. Still, she is caring and kind to all her woman, and few would be able to name gemini woman man beyond her zeal for endless conversation.

The Gemini woman has several persons in one, it is impossible to guess which one is present. Flirtatious, sociable representative of the air sign is able to find the approach to any man. It fascinates with its immediacy, while cleverly hiding true feelings.

Jealousy is a very human, and often ugly, trait. In Christianity, envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, alongside other characteristics like wrath and lust.

Being with a woman in Leo can be challenging at times. While she is able to make any partner feel incredibly happy and spoiled, she will only be caring and loving if she gets what she wants from the other half. There is no other sign in the zodiac to show more jealousy than the Leo native. She will pay close attention to any other woman that comes close to you, irrespective of context. Since they are so possessive, the Leo women can sometimes end up alone.

He is the vibrant, energetic type that could naturally attract people to him. In other words, he has lots of qualities making him irresistible. No matter whomever he gets connected with, his attitude and energy is infectious. Though he has a little bit of reputation of being jealous in love romance , he is able to set aside the negativity that is affecting his life. Finding out when your Gemini displays his jealousy is probably difficult, especially when does not tell you anything. The Gemini male will not act like this; indeed, checking on someone is not his usual nature. Normally, he often offers you all the freedom when in love.

Gemini men and women May 22nd-June 21st are among the most charming of the zodiac — and also the most fickle. Always looking for love and excitement, Geminis fall in and out of love quicker than most. They enjoy the chase, but once caught, they often move on.

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