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Find friends on facebook in city

Facebook has an extraordinary amount of information about everyone on the service because, well, we all happily give FB vast amounts of data about ourselves. Address, high school, college, vacation destinations, children, relationships, even favorite ice cream flavor and work information. This simple search yields three matches for me, with a hint of even more on Facebook:. Which produces other matches, frustratingly:. Finally, Facebook offers this tantalizing option for refining your search:.

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How to find friends in a new city

Add New Comment. Do you have the same question? Follow this Question. Ask a Question. Graph search was a good tool to do this. But now that it's partially gone, how can I search for people that are born in Country A who currently live in Country B?

Comments 0 New Comment. To search for something: Click the search bar at the top of any page on Facebook Enter what you're looking for and choose from the results When typing something, you may see predictions for what you're looking for.

If you see what you're looking for in these predictions, click it to save time searching. To filter your search results: Type something into the search bar at the top of any Facebook page or select something from the typeahead Click a filter at the top ex: People , Photos to narrow your search To use keywords in search: Search supports keyword searches to help you find what you're looking for on Facebook.

When you start searching with keywords ex: Caroline wedding or cookie recipe Lisa you'll see results that you can filter. You can also select one of the predicted searches to see a full list of search options for that prediction. Option 2: Alternatively, there is an unofficial third party Facebook Search Engine that may offer additional functionalities that you may find useful in your search. Once you select and enter your search conditions, Search Is Back converts it into a proper URL and redirects you to the official search results page on Facebook.

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The feature has been known to suggest users who have no or few mutual friends on the network — and, reportedly, nothing in common beyond having shared the same physical space — prompting concerns about how it works. Still amazed at how accurate the "people you may know" thing on Facebook is. Facebook's people-you-may-know algorithm is so good it's almost creepy. A friend of mine says the devil's in the sidebar on YouTube.

Updated: January 8, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to search for people you may want to add to your friends list in a city of your choice, using a desktop internet browser.

Elen Veenpere December 2, Moving around a lot is amazing, but also lonely. Making friends was a piece of cake as a kid—you shared a shovel with someone in a sandbox, and boom! Save your relationship—stab new acquaintances instead.

How does Facebook suggest potential friends? Not location data – not now

When you join Facebook, you're joining a community with over two billion people spread around the globe. It helps to have the insight on not only how to set up your profile and add content, but also how to make sure you control who sees—and doesn't see—your posts. Facebook For Dummies provides the trusted guidance you need to set up a profile, add content, and apply the many tools Facebook provides to give you control of your content. Primarily known as a way for individuals to share information, photos and videos, and calendar invitations, Facebook has gained prominence as a means to spread news, market products, and serve as a business platform. Account Options Connexion. Facebook For Dummies. Carolyn Abram. Take control of your Facebook profile When you join Facebook, you're joining a community with over two billion people spread around the globe. Build your profile and start adding friends Use Facebook to send private messages and instant notes Discover ways to set privacy and avoid online nuisances Launch a promotion page Get ready to have a whole lot of fun on the largest social network in the world. Page 8.

How to Look Up Friends on Facebook by State

RSS Feed. While this search method still works to find your friends in a city as well as to search Facebook in many other powerful ways , Facebook has also replaced the ability to search through your friends by "current city. I love Facebook. I use it for all kinds of things.

As the number of people on Facebook grows, it becomes more difficult to find a particular friend. The location search filter lets you narrow your search yield so you view only those users who live in a particular region.

If you're searching for someone in a particular city, you can narrow your search by location when searching for a person. If you're trying to target an advertising message to people in particular areas, you can also do so using Facebook's advertising tools. If you'd simply like to see information about a city, you can look for Facebook groups and pages related to that city through a search. To do a Facebook lookup or search and narrow it by city, first type the name of the person you are looking for into the search box on the Facebook website or smart phone app.

Can I use Facebook to Find People From a Specific Country But Now Living in another country?

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Not sure how to find Facebook friends in the city where you work or study? The actions to find friends in a specific city are pretty straightforward. But it would be nice if Facebook made the UI more streamlined and removed some of the redundant steps. The following steps assume you already have a Facebook account and have logged into it. For the purpose of this article and the love of Donald Duck, the example city is Albuquerque. Of course, you can use any city you wish.

Facebook Lets You Filter Friends By City

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm going to be visiting a distant city in a few months, and want to start making plans with people I know there, some of whom I don't keep in touch with as regularly as perhaps one ought to. The major social networks have locations and particularly, current residence in peoples' profiles, but don't seem to have any search functionality coupled to that.

Feb 1, - Facebook is rolling out a new section on mobile called “Discover People,” through lists of people in their city or who share the same employer. that help people find new friends to hang out with, not just people to date, via.








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