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Monday Tuesday Friday I began college right out of high school knowing that I wanted to be a nurse. I knew that I wanted to work with babies. By the time I started nursing school in , I had already had my first son, and figured out that I wanted to work in labor and delivery. After graduating nursing school in , I went to work right out of school on a Labor and Delivery unit. I have loved nearly every minute of it.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: VIDEO: Alabama issues midwife licenses for first time since 1976

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Alabama midwifery licenses issued

BLACK Midwives and Doulas Results - Alabama, United States

Pregnancy and home birth conjure many questions. Hopefully the following will help answer some of your questions and concerns. If you can not find an answer you are looking for feel free to contact me. Is home birth safe? A number of studies show the safety of home birth for low risk women with a healthy pregnancy.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study in December showing there is no increased risk for low risk mothers birthing at home than if they were in the hospital. The Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health published a study based on data collected by the Midwives Alliance of North America Statistics Project that shows homebirth is a valid option for may women. This companion article explains how the data was collected.

The British Medical Journal published a study showing lower incidence of intervention in homebirth with Certified Professional Midwives. Here is a link to a list medical literature showing the safety of homebirth. Another great resource in understanding the data and why doctors and nurses are choosing to give birth at home is the movie Why Not Home.

Who can have a homebirth with my practice? In short, low risk women carrying a single baby in a head-down position with no preexisting or current complications or history of cesarean. Pregnancy is a normal physiologic process and most pregnant people can have a healthy pregnancy without complications. Midwives use prenatal care to continually assess and evaluate risk status.

Many risks can be lowered or avoided by good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. Women who have any of the following conditions would not be good candidates for homebirth: insulin dependent diabetes, severe preeclampsia, chronic high blood pressure, gestational diabetes that requires medication to control, and preterm birth. Should I see an OB as well? You are welcome to see an OB throughout your pregnancy, but it may not be necessary. However, some clients plan an appointment to establish care with a doctor who would be willing to be involved with transfer, should that become necessary.

Should I hire a doula? You are absolutely welcome to hire a doula. A trained doula can focus completely on supporting you during labor and be a wonderful source of education and resources. I do provide some labor support but my primary focus is on monitoring the well-being of the laboring mother and baby.

What if complications develop during labor? Birth usually works beautifully but I recognize the necessity of being prepared if the unexpected occurs. The majority of home to hospital transports are not emergencies but things such as for non-progressive labor or the water being broken for too long before birth. If transfer to a hospital becomes necessary, I go with you to the hospital providing your records to the staff and providing labor support throughout your birth.

I will stay with you until after baby is born and you have a successful nursing session. We can resume your postpartum care when you return home. What equipment and supplies are needed for birth?

Many supplies needed for birth are probably readily available in your home, such as towels, washcloths, bowl, paper towels, trash bags, etc. However, there are some things that are good to have on hand for a homebirth. I have complied a custom birth kit with Precious Arrows. If you are planning a waterbirth you will also need to purchase a pool liner, hose, adapter and a few other things.

What if I tear? I will do all I can to help you ease your baby out and support you. I can repair 1st and 2nd degree tears at home and use a local anesthetic. Repair of more extensive tears should be performed by a doctor in the hospital. If transfer becomes necessary, I will go with you, to support you and provide your records to the hospital. What if we change our minds? Birth works best when the mother feels safe and comfortable.

For some, the place they feel safest is in the hospital. If at any point you decide that you would like to change plans for a homebirth, or you are not comfortable with my care, I want you to feel free to make the choice that is best for you. I hope that if you are unhappy with my care, you will tell me so we can work things out. If we are not able to reach an understanding the North American Registry of Midwives had a grievance process that you can turn to.

Or phone This brochure on the Midwifery Model of Care is a great introduction to what midwifery care is. Four concepts that I see as the foundation of midwifery are parental education, informed decision-making, personal connection, and knowledgeable,evidence-based care. During a homebirth, you are in your own comfortable environment and have the freedom do whatever makes you the most comfortable.

You choose when and how to move, when and what to eat and drink, what positions to be in, who you want to be there and so on. Your birth team will provide support and care throughout your birth in whatever position you choose, including in the birth pool. Routine interventions such as IV access and continuous monitoring are avoided. Is homebirth legal? What about Alabama laws? Homebirth is legal, even in Alabama!

To read the law and rules related to midwifery in Alabama you can visit the Alabama State Board of Midwifery. What is the cesarean rate for my practice? What is the transfer rate for my practice? Below are my practice statistics from Frequently Asked Questions Pregnancy and home birth conjure many questions.

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More and more, expectant mothers are realizing the advantages of working with nurse midwives before during and after childbirth. Even as residency trained healthcare practitioners with broad authority and practice privileges, nurse-midwives are able to offer women a more holistic, non-interventionalist approach to pregnancy, delivery and general care. OBGYN MDs are also realizing the value that nurse midwives can bring to a small or medium-sized clinic, allowing for a practice to take on a greater number of patients.

Rebekah Myrick, left, a certified professional midwife, stands with members of the newly-formed Alabama State Board of Midwifery after being approved for a midwifery license. Alabama issued midwifery licenses on Jan. Alabama licensed five certified professional midwives on Friday, marking the first time in more than 40 years the state has issued licenses to out-of-hospital midwives. Alabama last issued a midwifery license in Alabama women could choose home births, but the births could not be legally attended by a midwife or other professional.

Best Lifestyle Feature-- Alabama Midwives Wait To Come Out Of The Shadows

All the lights were off in the used RV that night, and the blinds were closed to prevent anyone from seeing inside. Five people huddled in the small main room. Kate Petty, 34, lay on a bed that had been converted from a fold-down dinette table, underneath a large painting of a leopard. She had been in labor for more than 24 hours and she was breathless, exhausted. Another woman crouched between her splayed legs, hands outstretched. After two pregnancies, Kate knew she had some time to kill, so she made a last-minute grocery run. When the contractions picked up that evening, she and Caleb hopped in their car and headed for the Georgia state line, a half-hour drive away. The roads wound through soft, wooded hills until finally the couple saw the large wooden cross marking the entrance of 3 Creeks Campground. That night, the contractions were coming about every five minutes but Caleb and Kate curled up together on the bed and managed to get some sleep.

Midwives can legally deliver Alabama babies for first time in decades as state issues licenses

Licensed certified professional midwife Layla Brown, left, with client Chandler Harris of Birmingham and her daughter shortly after the daughter's birth in January Courtesy of Chandler Harris. Nine newly licensed midwives delivered 98 babies in 26 Alabama counties last year, according to data compiled this month by the Alabama Midwives Alliance ALMA , a group representing professional homebirth midwives. Until last January, it was illegal in Alabama to have a home birth attended by a professional, such as a midwife. Homebirths were legal, but only if they were unattended.

Here is a list of homebirth midwives and birth centers by state.

Growing up in Alabama, home birth and midwives were nearly unheard of. My first introduction to home birth and midwives was about 10 years of age when a mother in our homeschool group delivered her baby at home with a midwife. At that time midwifery in Alabama was so underground that they would not share the name of the midwife who had assisted them. When I was 13, I heard of a Christian program that trained young women in serving childbearing families as midwives.

Now legal in Alabama, homebirth midwives delivered nearly 100 babies in 2019

Pregnancy and home birth conjure many questions. Hopefully the following will help answer some of your questions and concerns. If you can not find an answer you are looking for feel free to contact me. Is home birth safe?

Following is a list of midwifery resources and information about the midwifery laws in each U. For additional resources or changes to our current contacts, please email the Midwives Alliance at healthpolicy mana. In order to maintain accuracy and due to the changeable nature of organizational representatives, we limit our lists to general groups rather than individual contacts. Certified Nurse-Midwives are licensed as advanced practice registered nurses. CNMs are required to submit a collaborative practice agreement with a qualified physician, and may request prescribing authority for non-controlled drugs. Box Montgomery, AL

Online Midwifery Schools Offering CNM Masters Degrees in Alabama

Alabama Birth Coalition. There is a lot of work to be done in Alabama. We need to reduce infant and maternal mortality, especially among African Americans. We need to increase access to culturally competent, affordable, and respectful care for rural and disadvantaged urban populations. We need to increase access to out-of-hospital maternity care services through state-regulated Certified Professional Midwives.

If you can not find an answer you are looking for feel free to contact me. To read the law and rules related to midwifery in Alabama you can visit the Alabama.

Since , the practice of midwifery has been outlawed in Alabama, with violators facing fines or jail time. Some midwives continue to practice illegally with families that travel to Tennessee, Florida, or Mississippi to give birth. I interviewed a midwife and two expectant families during routine check-ups, while state lawmakers debated whether to legalize midwifery. Within days of the airing of our feature, Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill, permitting midwives to practice for the first time in forty years.

Alabama Midwives Alliance ALMA is a not-for-profit organization which represents Alabama's midwives who work in out-of-hospital settings. ALMA supports the expansion of maternity care options for all Alabama families in all settings. ALMA seeks to preserve the art and practice of midwifery and to act as a self-governing body for those interested in midwifery as a profession in the state of Alabama.






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