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Find a friend to speak english

I lived and worked in Japan nearly 20 years ago. I have been fascinated with Japan since I was 14 years old. I currently live in Melbourne, Florida. Currently I am looking for new Friends from Japan.


Want to Practice Speaking English with a Native Speaker? Go Online!

I lived and worked in Japan nearly 20 years ago. I have been fascinated with Japan since I was 14 years old. I currently live in Melbourne, Florida. Currently I am looking for new Friends from Japan. Age and Gender are not too important. I am willing to teach you how to speak English as Americans do and also our use of slang words. I know enough Japanese to See more. I like to exchange language and culture. I am open-minded so can talk anything. D Hobbies: Cars, Nature, workout, swimming, Asian culture.

I adore Andean music and culture and I would love to understand and hopefully master Quechua me encanta la musica y cultura andina me encantaria aprender el Quechua Aymara y Kichwa. I am interested in Art, Cinema, Travel I am currently learning Spanish for different motives. Quiero practicar mas para hablar espanol mejor! I'm an easy going, fun and confident individual who relishes the opportunity to push myself and others further using Hi, I am Aris!

I am a Greek architect and designer. I have lived in several countries, and traveled all over the world - but for the last 8 years Tokyo has been my home. I really want to improve my Japanese conversation skills, and express myself and my thoughts in my design company everyone speaks English, unfortunately.

I also speak Greek, Spanish and German, so I would be very happy to Yo, I'm Suey 24 years old. I would like to find friends who can help me learn japanese more as i am currently reviewing by myself. I can also teach you english, tagalog or cebuano bisaya in exchange. Hello,This is Burhan from Ankara Turkey. I visit often Istanbul because headoffice is there. I am gold member send me hi if you want to communicate with me. I am working in computer company and I have started beekeping and natural food business..

I love playing football,walking in nature,travelling. There are so many beautiful places in Turkey. If you would like to know about where to visit i I'm Jonathan, I am looking for someone to practice French with. Je peux t'aider avec l'anglais aussi. Find a language exchange partner who has:. Welcome Guest! Sign up. Log In.

Add to Home screen. Members: Log in to see your contact history with each member. Total found: ! Go to: Name. United States. Chinese, Cantonese.

Chinese, Mandarin. Josue May 14, Add to Favorites. Rio de Janeiro. Ireland Republic of. United Kingdom. Filipino Tagalog. City Tip: use language versions of the city name.

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Find conversation partners and improve your speaking with a Free Language Exchange

You can also fill in your profile to apear on the list and wait for other person's call. If you'd like to get some tips on how to improve your English speaking skills click. If you'd like to practise your English speaking skills by text chatting you can go to our:. If you'd like to learn some new vocabulary by getting our 'word of the day' regularly on your email,. Exam - I want to talk to someone in English to prepare for an exam.

Learning a new language is not easy! Books and classes can help.

Does speaking English put you into a panic? When you want to say something in English, do you feel like this? You try to open your mouth, but no English words come out. Most people are afraid of making mistakes or afraid that no one will understand them. Your goal for speaking English should be to communicate your message, not to say a perfect sentence.

Find conversation partners and improve your speaking with a Free Language Exchange

Practicing your English speaking can help you become more fluent, feel more confident and get experience actually using all the words and grammar you have learned. It is an important step in the learning process! Of course you do! You can find them all right here on the Internet. Here are some excellent websites where you can find a speaking partner, no matter where you live. It is a bit like using a video phone, and it is very convenient when your teacher does not live close to you. You can also find a private tutor through their personal websites, like this one. Price: Free to observe watch.

Practice speaking English online for free

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We have over , users waiting to meet you. Find native speakers to improve and practice your foreign language skills.

Maybe you live in a country where it is hard or even impossible to find people you can practice speaking English with. Maybe there are plenty of English speakers you can practice with, but only in real situations where you are afraid of making mistakes. You can practice speaking English online for free! All you need to do is sign up for a conversation exchange.

6 Ways to Find a Partner for English Speaking Practice

FREE Download. Practicing aloud, speaking with others, and having conversations are all essential to becoming fluent in spoken English. In order to do this, an English language learner will need someone to meet with and practice with on a regular basis.

This article features "dictionary look up". Just double click on any word to get an instant definition uses a pop-up. Now, I'm presuming that you want the opportunity to find people to chat with to help improve your spoken English or any other language. If you are looking for "other reasons" you might want to move along now, if not, please stay and continue reading. There are so many opportunties for virtually meeting people online now, and it's nice, in fact it's wonderful, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Don't expect too much from people who friend you back, or add you to their contacts or circles.


The best way to be fluent in English is by learning from natives and practicing everyday. Hallo provides the opportunity to learn and speak English in real-time for free. Overcome your fear of speaking with friends. Call directly to improve.








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