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Every girl should be married cast

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YouTube Videos Brown and decides he is for her. She investigates thoroughly until she knows every detail about him. Brown knows all about it and resists until it is too late.

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Every Girl Should Be Married

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Every Girl Should Be Married. Don Hartman 81min. U Certificate. Review Our Score. This lightweight movie was the 55th of Cary Grant's 74 films, and the star used his considerable sway to cast his future wife Betsy Drake in the female lead - Grant had met Drake on board the Queen Mary the previous year. This film is an unworthy vehicle: it's not only the title that renders it desperately old-fashioned in today's post-feminist world, but there's also a rather unpalatable plotline about a paediatrician Grant and a department store clerk Drake who wants to get married at all costs.

The other man is suave Franchot Tone, trying heroically to make something out of a nothing part, as is Diana Lynn. With a better script, this would just about work. Summary A woman determined to get married thinks she has found the perfect husband when she crosses the path of a handsome doctor. He shows a frustrating lack of interest, so she responds by concocting a series of elaborate schemes designed to push him into popping the question. Romantic comedy, starring Cary Grant and Betsy Drake.

Anabel Sims Betsy Drake. Roger Sanford Franchot Tone. Julie Hudson Diana Lynn. Mr Spitzer Alan Mowbray. Mary Nolan Elisabeth Risdon. Sam McNutt Richard Gaines. Gogarty Harry Hayden. Soda clerk Chick Chandler. Violinist Leon Belasco. Pierre Fred Essler. Saleslady Anna Q Nilsson. Director Don Hartman. Radio Pictures Ltd Available on: video.

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Cast: Movie - Every Girl Should Be Married - 1948

Every Girl Should Be Married is one of those rare comic delicacies that are always in good season. Out of that venerable theme of the war between the sexes in which the femmes are the guileful aggressors, Don Hartman has fashioned a sparklingly witty comedy of modern manners which will set off a chain reaction of chuckles. By Variety Staff.

And she has the target, er, groom picked out: pediatrician Madison Brown. Unfortunately, Dr. Brown is not interested in marriage or in Anabel.

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Every Girl Should Be Married

And she has the target, er, groom picked out: pediatrician Madison Brown. Unfortunately, Dr. Brown is not interested in marriage or in Anabel. But not to worry — Anabel's sure she can outmaneuver any mere male. And she'll employ every ruse, stratagem and ploy in a marriage-minded maiden's bag of tricks to land the elusive American bachelor. Romantic-comedy icon Cary Grant and film-debuting Betsy Drake team in this frothy, funny paean to postwar domesticity. The sparkle between the two is delightful — and genuine: Soon after the film premiered they became real-life husband and wife.

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Every Girl Should Be Married. Don Hartman 81min. U Certificate. Review Our Score.

McFarland Empik. Food in the Movies, 2d ed.

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Grant and Drake married a year after the film's release. Department store salesclerk Anabel Sims Betsy Drake is very enamoured with the idea of getting married. So when handsome pediatrician Dr. Madison Brown Cary Grant asks for her help in making a purchase, she decides that he is the one for her.

Grant, who is relentlessly hunted by a marriage-hungry Drake in this movie, married her a year after its release. Lobby card unsigned. Color, 14x11 overall, 13x10 image, one surface, printed on cardstock. Property of National Screen Service Corp, no. Every Girl Should Be Married starred Cary Grant as a pediatrician and Betsy Drake as a department store sales clerk who woos - some would say "stalks" - Grant, eventually getting her boss played by Franchot Tone, shown in a tuxedo and the whole town into the act. Modern audiences may find such behavior a tad creepy.

Anabel Sims is determined to find the perfect husband. She thinks she's found her man in Madison Brown, a handsome pediatrician. She then prepares an elaborate scheme to trap him into marriage. Dore Schary Don Hartman. Carroll Clark Albert S. She has an interesting gawky, slightly nerdy quality about her. The script rewritten by Grant to give Drake more screen time has her come off as a kook obsessed with Grant's potential to give her children. This gives her insane romantic manoeuvres an uncomfortably predatory undertone.

Sales clerk Anabel Sims believes Every Girl Should be Married. And she Unfortunately, Dr. Brown is not interested in marriage or in Anabel. Cast & Crew.








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