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Do you see the girl rotating clockwise or counterclockwise

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At first glance, the spinning dancer looks just like an ordinary image of a woman doing a pirouette. However, for most, after enough observation, the tiny figure suddenly switches the direction of her dance. The spinning dancer was created by Japanese web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara in , and since the early s, it has gained popularity as a way to determine whether or not people are right-brain creative or left-brain logical dominant. Viewers are told that if they view the dancer as standing on her left leg and spinning clockwise, then they are right-brain dominant, and if they see the reverse the dancer standing on her right leg and spinning counter-clockwise , then they are left-brain dominant. Unfortunately, this causes mass confusion because most individuals originally see the dancer turning clockwise, yet eventually see her switch direction.

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Spinning dancer

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Spinning Girl Silhouette was an animated illusion that practically propelled our site to success few years ago. It was back in the old days when Digg was still a major player. Anyway, the article still receives certain amount of attention and comments, but I noticed how many still struggle seeing the lady spinning in both directions. As you can recall it is possible to see the silhouette of this young dancer spin in both directions.

Heck, some observers can even change the spinning-direction whenever they want. I still struggle, but on few occasions I was able to do just that! Recently one of our fans shared his solution for this problem. Check the explanation below, where two additional representations of the same animation were synchronised and positioned next to the original.

The only difference being the coloured contours, which should help you understand this famous illusion better. Bizarre, right? James is the manager of moillusions. He spends his time finding the most popular optical illusions so that YOU keep coming back to your site for more! This is one classic illusion and I love it!

But there is a problem. Everytime I look at it, it changes directions before I see the girl turn completely! Also, who added breasts to her?

After watching the clockwise solution I see clockwise rotation, and vice versa. In fact, concentrating on changing the lighting rather than the spin might help some people reverse her direction at will! Ahh thank you for this. He nailed it. I can actually see her spinning in both directions at the same time thanks to the very simple colorations. Go figure. If you look to the left of the image you can get it to go from clockwise to counterclockwise.

If you concentrate you can get it to go right to left and left to right without revoling completely. Very strange indeed, at first i was REALLY looking hard at the spinning picture trying to make it turn the other way, but had no success in changing its direction, but then i saw the other variations and after that i could easily switch her directions whenever i wanted, its so weird to think that they are the same animation.

I had trouble at first, but I found by concentrating on the tip of her foot at the right time, I was able to see the spin direction instantly reverse.

This is a very good explanation. Where are those who claimed that was a fake with two different Gif? Maybe another illusion within the illusion Sir, you are absolutely right! You have been royally fooled. She is not spinning around at all. Not clockwise. Not counterclockwise. Cover up all but the shadow of her feet. You will see that she actually is oscillating back and forth in a 90 degree arc while bouncing up and down. I can see it spinning both ways my problem is with all three of those images, I am seeing two spin in opposite ways.

That is interesting, because when I see one start to spin in the opposite direction. I look at all three and they are all going in the same direction. Maybe, subconsciously, my concept of the group is more powerful than my concept of the individual. Food for thought. The rotation can be reduced to a quater turn simply by looking at the hip moving up and down.

My mistake, half turn. As she passes through a quarter, quickly lookat her standing knee and run your eyes up to her hip. Took me less than a minute. The secret to making her switch directions is to watch her feet and the shadows of her feet gazing not staring at the heel of the standing leg. A few seconds and she changes direction. This is fake. The figure changes her direction every few seconds. Look at her arms.

One time her right arm is raised, the next thing you know, her left arm is raised. NIce try but very fake. Not fake at all. I can stare at the center silhouette for several seconds I counted 15 just now without it changing.

But the moment I glance to the one to her side that is spinning in a different direction, then glance back, the silhouette has changed direction. Then if I glance at the other one to her side and back again, her direction has changed again.

In other words, I can look back and forth to the ones at her side, and change her direction over and over in less than a second each time. Once your peripheral attaches itself to the one on the side that is spinning in the opposite direction, the silhouette changes to that direction.

She has a point though tbh. I stared at her head and just use my peripheral vision to notice the direction it was moving. Not trying to change the direction, just keep staring and then all of a sudden, it switched. I know this comment is 3 years old, but are you stupid? Stare at the bottom gif only on one side and tell me if it is switching every few seconds. This illusion is actually supposed to show how brain-washed we are. Only few people can immediately see it rotating in both directions.

I think it has more to do with how our brains inherently work than with any sort of brainwashing tbh. According to the reflection of her feet she is rotating anticlockwise, not oscillating, nor rotating clockwise. No other possibility there is. I just think that it is a matter of perception as to which direction you see her spinning, just like everything in life and that involves the universal gift of free will.

All of us possess it, but many of us resent that everyone else also possess it. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Posted on December 3, by James Dean. Published by James Dean. The version with the red and blue lines is several years old as well. I can make her change directions…. But thanks to this I can see it perfectly now! Dear Earthlings, You have been royally fooled.

Still, it produces a nice optical illusion. Love thos though. Sharing on FB. I can see her turning right, left and also going back and forth without doing a full turn. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Is This Woman Spinning Left or Right?

Spinning Girl Silhouette was an animated illusion that practically propelled our site to success few years ago. It was back in the old days when Digg was still a major player. Anyway, the article still receives certain amount of attention and comments, but I noticed how many still struggle seeing the lady spinning in both directions. As you can recall it is possible to see the silhouette of this young dancer spin in both directions.

The spinning dancer illusion is an example of a bistable motion illusion. It is possible to see the dancer moving either clockwise or anticlockwise. Often the direction of movement will suddenly switch as you are watching the image.

By Stacy Liberatore For Dailymail. At first glance, it's a simple video of a dancer spinning. However, in fact it is an optical illusion that some say could actually reveal how smart you are. It plays with the brain's visual perception - some see her spinning clockwise, counterclockwise or even switching between the two. Scroll down for videos.

Right Before Your Eyes: The Science Behind The Famous Spinning Dancer Optical Illusion

If it spins clockwise, you supposedly use more of your right brain. The concept was born in the s, when Roger Sperry studied epilepsy patients who had had a nerve connection between their hemispheres surgically cut. Modern neuroscience studies using brain imaging technology such as fMRI — which shows active areas of the brain while a person is trying to perform a task — have further suggested that language ability tends to be localized in the left hemisphere, while spatial ability tends to be in the right hemisphere. However, neuroscience-minded blogs like Neurophilosophy point out that doing any complex mental activity requires cooperation from both sides of the brain, although certain processing tasks required for that activity may be concentrated on one side or the other. This demonstrated that, while the typical person might lean more heavily on one hemisphere or the other to do mental tasks necessary for math calculation, the brightest among us can more fully integrate both hemispheres of the brain. The idea that emotion processing only occurs in the right brain hemisphere and fact processing in the left is also misleading. Brain imaging studies have showed that people processed emotion using small parts of both brain hemispheres. People who had half their brain removed encounter some problems — like not being able to move or see from one side of their body — but largely retained or relearned mental abilities such as language in their remaining brain hemisphere. All this research clearly points out that while Nobel winner Sperry was onto something with his lateralization research, trying to fully compartmentalize mental activity by brain hemisphere is imprecise.

Optical Illusion Explained: Which Way Is The Dancer Spinning?

As a kid, I stacked my bookshelf high with Magic Eye books and littered the pages of my journals with sketches of the Necker cube. As such, it should come as no surprise that I have wasted a fair amount of time today pondering how the "spinning dancer" optical illusion works. Now seems like as good a time as any, right? The animation was originally shared as a supposed test of left or right brain dominance.

A popular e-mail going around features a spinning dancer that has been touted as a test of whether you are right-brained and creative or left-brained and logical.

To me, this silhouetted woman looks like she's rotating counterclockwise, but every so often, for a fleeting moment, she reverses her spin. It's maddening, because I know this is all in my head. I run the Youtube theory by them. They're game.

The Truth About the Spinning Dancer

In fact, experts argue that the optical illusion can actually reveal how smart an individual is based on the brain's visual perception. The dancer's direction will undoubtedly divide opinion as some people will see her spinning clockwise while others will see her turning anti-clockwise and some will see both. But 13 years since it was released, experts say the illusion isn't about the brain hemisphere but instead reveal most people will see her rotating clockwise.

The spinning dancer , also known as the silhouette illusion , is a kinetic , bistable , animated optical illusion originally distributed as a GIF animation showing a silhouette of a pirouetting female dancer. The illusion, created in by Japanese web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara, [1] [2] involves the apparent direction of motion of the figure. Some observers initially see the figure as spinning clockwise viewed from above and some counterclockwise. Additionally, some may see the figure suddenly spin in the opposite direction. The illusion derives from the lack of visual cues for depth. For instance, as the dancer's arms move from viewer's left to right, it is possible to view its arms passing between its body and the viewer that is, in the foreground of the picture, in which case it would be circling counterclockwise on its right foot and it is also possible to view its arms as passing behind the dancer's body that is, in the background of the picture, in which case it is seen circling clockwise on its left foot.

Does the “Right Brain vs. Left Brain” Spinning Dancer Test Work?

Which way is the dancer spinning … clockwise or counter-clockwise? Some people will see her turning counter-clockwise, while others may see her turning clockwise. Why is that? What kind of sorcery is this? We need explanations now!

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