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My girlfriend doesnt want to meet my parents

Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Forum Relationships Relationship Commitment It's been 9 months and my girlfriend still doesn't want to meet my friends. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of

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1. She avoids your family & friends

Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Forum Relationships Relationship Commitment It's been 9 months and my girlfriend still doesn't want to meet my friends. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: It's been 9 months and my girlfriend still doesn't want to meet my friends. It's been 9 months and my girlfriend still doesn't want to meet my friends Hi all, I need a bit of non-partial advice on a few commitment issues that I'm having with my girlfriend as my friends advice isn't really helping lol It's usually "leave her and find someone else" which isn't really helpful at all I'll start by giving a bit of a backstory.

She doesn't really have many friends and the few that she does have are single and the ones that do have partners never bring them along for any social events which is the reason she uses for not inviting me along to the nights out and meals with her friends. I tried to get her to meet my best friend who came up to visit like 4 months into our relationship and she flat out said no and that I should spend time with him and that she didn't want to meet him.

It's very confusing as I met a few of her friends "who weren't proper friends" on NYE but haven't seen them since! She gets really defensive when I invite her to social events like bbq's and random activities in the day etc Sais that she doesn't want to meet my "geeky friends" without giving them a chance. Last time I brought this up it sparked a big argument a few months ago and I've just mentioned it since then and not tried to pressure her into anything. It's frustrating as she will get annoyed at me for hanging out with my friends when she has nothing to do despite being invited and after not inviting me to her social things.

It's not a deal breaker for me as I'm not in couple situations that often but it's more about the bigger picture. I want to be able to being her home and introduce her to the family in the future but how's that going to happen if she won't even meet a single friend because they are all "weird". How can I get her to come around to the idea without giving her some sort of ultimatum and causing a massive argument? Thanks for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any advice I can get on this matter.

There's really no proper way to go about this without causing a massive argument. It seems like she is set in her ways and you will probably never be able to convince her to meet your "geeky" friends.

She already has a predisposed negative opinion about them and that's going to be hard to change. Why does she think that they're weird? Does she suffer from social anxiety? This would be my first guess, given she is trying to avoid any kind of interactions with people she doesn't know.

If that's not it, then she may be the overbearing, controlling, jealous, insecure type who can't stand sharing her partner with others family, friends. In that case, there is nothing you can do.

You either live her way and push everyone away from you, or you break loose from her and maintain your sanity. Growing up, I used to be very close to one of my first degree relatives, we were like brother and sister, inseparable. I got along with all the girls he dated, except for the last one, who unfortunately ended up becoming his wife. She is the type of woman I mentioned above, and she eventually made him cut ties with everybody he used to love - family, friends, me included.

He didn't bat an eyelash, he just discarded all of us and did everything she wanted him to do. We have been long estranged, I wouldn't be able to recognize him in the street. His parents are very sick and won't be around much longer, and he doesn't even bother to visit them. He hasn't spent more than 2 full days with them in the past 20 years. I know you said you didn't want us telling you to just leave her and I won't tell you that. All I'm saying is don't turn out the way my relative did - no woman out there is worth you giving up on those you love.

Keep your friends and family close, and who doesn't like it Do you think she is just really shy? There's something amiss with her strange attitude. Is this the kind of social life you envision for yourself with a partner in the future? You may not like your friends' advice, but it sure does sound practical to me. Dump her! There's no future here! She sounds odd! Have you met her family? If not, I would assume that she is keeping you a secret, and will never let you into her life.

Thank you all for your advice. I think it's more just a case of her masking her anxiety. It annoys me because I just want her to at least meet them then make a decision. I'd understand the negativity if they were all drug dealers etc but they are nice open minded people. I'm after a balance really. With me ex I had to do everything with her so it's nice not to be in that position.

The thing that annoys me is that she has a go at me for having social events but then doesn't go when invited yet she probably sees her friends more than I see mine lol Sorry to hear about your experience, I had the same thing happen to one of my old close friends. That's not going to happen to me as I still go to the social events but I end up going on my own which is frustrating when everyone else is with their partners.

I think a lot of it stems from a really bad experience with a past boyfriend which makes her quite anxious and "scared of feeling vulnerable" - in her own words. Hollyj - You might be right. I need to talk to her and hopefully sort it out. She's so stubborn though, it's like talking to a child when she gets in a foul mood. I met her mum briefly last month after seeing her for like 8 months when I dropped her off at her house so she could run in and grab something.

Her family seem to argue all the time and it stems from her Dad being what can only described as a horrible person they are inches from a divorce. As a result her Dad doesn't even know I exist although her Mum has known about me since I met her practically. Maybe I have been too laid back about this or maybe I have been a complete mug. It's really nice when I spend time with her and she sees me often and is usually in a good mood so I forget about some of the smaller issues but when I think about them it winds me up.

I'm wondering if it's better to bring it up with her via text or in person? Thanks again! In person. These are huge issues. You must be able to share friends and family, or it won't work.

Not healthy! You sound like a nice and patient guy. Time to address this matter. If she is not on the same page, then I would look elsewhere. Last edited by Hollyj; at PM. The thing is I brought it up in person before and it didn't work out well ended up almost breaking up.

Wouldn't kiss me goodbye when I brought it up then the next time she came over she sat at the other side of the bed and wouldn't let me touch her! This time I did it over WhatsApp and she flipped out again! I don't get what her problem is. All I did was ask if she wanted to meet a couple of friends then she said no and I asked if there was anything that I could do to make her want to meet them in the future and then said to stop hassling her then I asked for a valid reason and then she went off on one again.

Drives me mad as she is ignoring me again and I know she will get over it in a couple of days but I'm still no further than I was. I don't get why it is that she will be joking around then flip out and be really mean and refusing to give an answer! If you want a pony to parade around -- find someone else" I don't get it!

This happens every time she depends into some 13 year old girl and asks me if I'm drunk and stuff for asking a normal question like that! Seriously thinking of calling it a day. It annoys me because we get on really well in the flesh but as a friend said earlier "It seems like we are still in that dating phase when you first meet someone" and I think he's right.

Just don't know how to approach it without making her flip out! She's not even apologetic which make is worse! I keep giving her the benefit of the doubt. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.

5 Red Flags Your Partner Isn’t Ready To Meet Your Family, According To Experts

Millennials those ages 22 to 37 in bring their dates home to meet mom and dad after 10 or more dates, or a little more than two months into the relationship on average, according to new data from dating app Hinge. Breaking the ice and introducing a love interest to friends and family is never easy, but here is some advice on how, when and where to do it. Sussman suggests introducing your partner to your friends before your family, but says you should wait at least three months before doing it. And lay some groundwork before bringing him or her home again, about four or five months in. Sussman recommends briefing your immediate family first mom and dad, and potentially a sibling on who your partner is, what they do and what they mean to you.

And that makes total sense! What if your parents or other family members disapprove of your partner? This can be really tough.

By rxjay , April 24, in soompi hangout. However, it's to a point where it's a problem. A few things to note regarding her is that she states that she is a shy person and that it takes a while for her to open up to people. Which is understandable, I don't place pressure for her to get to know them.

Dear Abby: Girlfriend refuses to meet the parents

You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Coronavirus: Covid symptoms among kids being linked to Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome; here is what it is. Salman Khan's brother-in-law wore a denim jacket worth INR 90, and we tell you why it's so expensive! Coronacrisis: Cases of abandoned pets rise, activists urge people not to fall prey to misinformation. Dear Irrfan Khan, thank you for making every Sunday of my childhood unforgettable with 'Chandrakanta'. Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community.

Parents Don’t Approve BF/GF Relationship – What to Do

I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for a year now and she has never met my family or any of my friends. Since we started dating I've been wanting to introduce her to my family and friends but she has always said "I'm not ready to meet them. This past week my dad came to visit me he lives in another state and it's the first time he has been in town since I started dating my girlfriend. I asked her if I could pick her up and bring her to my city for a few days or even just a few hours to meet my dad and she told me no.

In any serious relationship, there comes a time when each of you is going to have to face — I mean, meet — the parents.

My girlfriend is graduating from law school in May and her parents are coming to D. We have been dating for a little over a year. This means not going to her graduation. Her parents are staying with her at her apartment and I asked her what she will do with the pictures of the two of us she has out.

When Your Family Doesn’t Approve of Your Partner

Finding someone you love who loves you in return can be difficult. Then learning how to deal with conflicts within a relationship can be painful, as well. But there is an entire additional level of stress when, for some reason, you discover your parent s disapprove of the person you are dating. Having secrets and lies between you and your parents ruins trust and causes needless stress and drama which will affect your self-esteem, grades, and even your other friends.

When my oldest cousin Laura brought her then boyfriend now husband to Christmas Eve dinner for the first time, we sat him down, gathered around the table and each wrote our "yes" or "no" vote down on paper to determine whether or not he was worthy of dating her. We put them all into a hat and read out the answers one by one — to his face. This has since become a Christmas tradition in our family, and as such, has deterred me from ever jumping the gun on introducing a significant other to my family unless I'm absolutely sure he's worth it. But even if your family isn't as intense as mine, figuring out the right time to introduce your love interest to your family and friends is never easy. Doing it too soon could be off-putting; doing it too late can make the person you're with feel like you're not that serious about your relationship. Not doing it at all?

When Should Your Partner Meet Your Parents? The Best Time To Introduce Them, According To Experts

Every year I ask her to go on a trip with me to St. Louis, where my parents live. Every year she refuses to go. When she invites me on her family fishing trip to New Mexico, I go. Most people in my family are early risers. Ashley is not.

Since we started dating I've been wanting to introduce her to my family and friends but she has always said "I'm not ready to meet them." I gave it time. This past  4 answers.

By rxjay , April 24, in soompi hangout. However, it's to a point where it's a problem. A few things to note regarding her is that she states that she is a shy person and that it takes a while for her to open up to people.

Last summer, one of my brothers brought a girl home after only a few months of dating. Any significant other who comes into our territory better be ready to get tested by all of us, in a range of ways. But when is the best time to introduce your partner to your parents?

Every month, Thomas will be answering your pressing relationship Qs. If you've got one, email mail popsugar. The guy I'm seeing refuses to meet my parents.





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